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EasyEyes Pro v2.2.5 Paid Apk Latest Download

EasyEyes Pro

Easy Eyes Pro Apk paid latest version download for free from apkchest. Inconvenience Sleeping? Gadget screen too splendid even on the most minimal splendor setting? Need to give your telephone a warm look rather than that eye stressing blue look you see around evening time? EasyEyes is the arrangement. Motivated by Flux for the PC, EasyEyes changes your gadget’s shading temperature and makes a screen channel to diminish eye strain when taking a gander at your gadget during the evening. Taking a gander at a lower and regular light source allows your body to create more melatonin, furnishing you with better rest. With EasyEyes, you can now take a gander at your telephone anytime amid the night while keeping your eyes in a simple, tranquil state.


* Simplicity of a single tick on/off.

* Profiles – Set EasyEyes to turn on consequently for dusk or rest

* Temperature Filter – Turn the blue look of your gadget with warm lighting.

* Brightness Filter – Set the brilliance level beneath least shine.

* Sunrise and Sunset Time – Set the calendar in view of the dawn and nightfall.

* EasyEyes Widget/Shortcut – Quickly and effectively turn on and off EasyEyes.

* Notification Actions – Quickly change settings without jumbling your status bar.

* Tasker bolster reconciliation (Action accessible in “Module” classification)

What makes EasyEyes diverse? EasyEyes concentrates on straightforwardness. It was worked to keep running without the requirement for setup while additionally giving the client the most extreme measure of control and customization.

Why move up to the full form of EasyEyes?

Numerous profiles permits full robotization of your Eyes wellbeing. With the capacity to set the ideal opportunity for every day of the week, EasyEyes will ensure your eyes regardless of what time you go to bed. With the transiently empower EasyEyes include, you can turn on EasyEyes on the languid mornings without the stress of going out into the world and not having the capacity to see your screen. These elements, promotion free, in addition to additional in transit.

Basic Issues:

“Can’t tap the introduce catch of .apk records” – The android working framework appears to debilitate the establishment of outsider .apk documents at whatever point the system_alert_window authorization is utilized. Until a work around is discovered, you should incapacitate EasyEyes incidentally to introduce an outsider application.

“The onscreen route keys are still too splendid” – With the “least framework shine” alternative, the white keys will be diminished down to their base splendor.

Interpretation Help

– French (Thanks Christophe!)

– Polish (Thanks Łukasz!)

– Russian (Thanks Сергей and Ilya!)

– German (Thanks Andreas!)

– Turkish (Thanks Bukir and Abdussamed!)

– Dutch (Thanks Charlotte!)

– Japanese (Thanks Natsuki!)

– Italian (Thanks Dario!)

– Chinese-disentangled (Thanks Xun!)

– Arabic (Thanks Ahmad!)

In the event that you might want to help with the interpretations in EasyEyes, send the engineer an email through the application or contact the designer at support@palmerintech.com.


* Update Turkish Translation (Thanks Bekir)
– Minor fixes
* Add Quick Tile for Nougat devices.
* Add Arabic translation (Thanks Ahmad)
* Update Russian Translation (Thanks Ilya)
– Update notification
* Update notification styling
* Android 7.0 crash fix
* New Styling
– Update views
– Brightness/Temperature set to default fix.
– Other minor fixes
– Profile JSON fix
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