ClockView – Always OnㆍTalkingㆍWorld timeㆍWidget v4.00 [Pro]


ClockView – time can not be collected and only flows, but time can collect money, learn good things, and make precious memories.

Key clock features
√ Clock moving over the wallpaper.
√ Nightstand desk clock.
√ Analog, digital, hybrid clock with compass.
√ Year and date, day of the week, seconds (second hand), calendar display.
√ Set the font and color, brightness and size.
√ Built-in bouncing ball game.

Always On Display
√ Built-in battery sleep mode and screen saver.
√ Clock on/off with power button on the home screen.

Quick alarm and timer
√ Quickly and easily set the time with dial.
√ Notify by sound setting or vibration.

World time and battery status
√ Displays the world time in dual.
√ Battery status (plug-in, level), temperature display.

Top screen clock on all apps
√ Clock display on all screens of the Internet, games, SNS etc.

Talking clock
√ Tells the hourly time and alarm by voice.

Home screen widgets
√ Analog, digital 8 types.
√ World time and battery status display.


*If troubles using the app, please contact via email support in the options.
ㆍFixed of options and home screen widgets.
ㆍFixed of top-screen digital clock.
– ISO8601 format, 12/24-hour, Seconds option.
ㆍScreensaver improvements & speed options.
ㆍClock auto off in pocket.
ㆍAdditional settings for worldtime zone.

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  • ClockView - Always On ClockㆍTalking ClockㆍWidget Screenshot
  • ClockView - Always On ClockㆍTalking ClockㆍWidget Screenshot

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