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Clashbot 7.15.1 revision 2229

BoostBot 7.15.1 Revision 2229

This Release [2229]

New Features in 7.14.X:

  • Support for May 2016 Update – Works with the newest Clash of Clans Update. Supports new troop, etc. Please upgrade to the newest Clash of Clans version as well.
  • Lightening Dark Elixir Drill – You can now lightening dark elixir drill. (Add lightening spell to the buid queue)
  • Auto Upgrading Feature (Rev 2229) – Will upgrade buildings without selecting manually. Upgrades based off of Clash of Clans upgrade suggestions.
Release 7.15.1 Contains:

  • Fixes for exceptions thrown by attacking algorithms
  • More fixes and better handling for ADB timeout issues
  • Fixes and improvements for attack algorithms
  • Improved barracks level 11 recognition for barracks boosting
  • Fixed near collectors algorithm and snipe TH deploy
Release 7.15.1 Known Bugs

  • Possible Issues with Memu multi instance botting

Clash of Clans Freezes/Emulator Freezes

  • Please note any freezes or crashes happening inside MEmu or BlueStacks is caused by Clash of Clans, not us. Supercell has released an update which fixes this proble. Please update your Clash of Clans. We also recommend MEmu because it is more stable against freezes and crashes and is less resource intensive.

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