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Clashbot 7.11 rev 1902 no vip

BoostBot or Clashbot 7.11 BETA Revision 1902

This is a BETA release to test the features of the next version of ClashBot. Only VIPs can BETA test. VIPs get many extra features that can help earn more resources. VIPs support the work here and we reward them with extra features and a chance to test our next version of the bot early. You can read all the features below.

This Release [1902]

Release 7.11 BETA Contains:

  • Fixed Overview Tab Reading
  • Added Support for Bowler
  • Added Support for New Air Defenses
  • Added Support for Bowler

Known issues for 7.11 BETA

  • Milking algo is currently not working

Boostbot Link


No vip feature

You need to login with your account

If you don’t have an account Create one here.

Or you can use this

Username: apkchest

Password: apkchest.com


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