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AutoResponder for Whatsapp Pro v1.1.7 [Patched] Paid

AutoResponder for Whatsapp Pro

Download AutoResponder for Whatsapp Pro Paid apk cracked for free at apkchest. A chatbot for whatsapp. Leave automatic messages when your away, sleeping or busy.

Needed for answering with area. (Try not to stress, this application has no web consent, so your information is sheltered.)

This application is NOT subsidiary with WhatsApp™.

It’s an automated assistant for WA.

It is safe to say that you are now and then not by your telephone, but rather need to answer to WhatsApp™ messages? WA Auto Responder does this employment for you. It will consequently react to predefined messages, which contain a few words or equivalent a message. You can set custom reactions for various messages.

Fills in as a Tasker module, as well.

Likewise called “WA Chat Bot”.


• Automate your WA and give programmed answers

• Automatically answers to custom/all WhatsApp™ messages with predefined writings

• Responds if message parallels or just contains a few words

• Possibility to set contacts who will get reactions for every message

• Possibility to answer every single got message (from all/from single contacts)

• Answer swaps like %time% for current time

• More settings…

PRO features:

• Add unending reactions for custom messages

• Add various reactions (Send every one of the, an arbitrary one or in a particular request)

• “Answer if message contains” alternative

• “Welcome Message” (Replies on first message of a talk)

• Reply with area

• “Answer delay” alternative

• “Send Blue Ticks” choice

• Possibility to make modules for the PRO (it’s moderately straightforward for leisure activity software engineers, simply get in touch with me at tkstudio@web.de)

• Ad-Free

• Tasker bolster (Works as Tasker module)

* If you don’t realize what root is, than you most likely don’t have root. Scan the web for “How to root [Your gadget model]”

WhatsApp™ is an enlisted Trademark of WhatsApp Inc.
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AutoResponder for Whatsapp Pro v1.1.7 [Patched] Paid




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