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Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV 1.6.5 (Mod Ad Free) Premium Apk Latest

Terrarium TV

Download Terrarium TV No ads Mod apk from apkchest latest version. Free and HD Movies and TV-Shows on your Android devices! This mod has o ads!! Stream movies and tv shows for free!!! Terrarium TV – Free and HD Movies and TV-Shows on your Android devices!

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Terrarium is an Android app which allows you to watch, stream and download FREE and HD TV Shows and movies on your Android devices.
It provides almost any TV shows and movies. Absolutely free. You can download them on your Android device or watch online.


  • FULL HD (1080p) and HD (720p) sources
  • Absolutely FREE
  • Download and watch offline
  • Multi-language subtitles are available
  • Fast sources (for Full HD and HD, mostly Google Drive)
  • Great amount of TV shows and movies
  • Bookmark
  • Last watching
  • Genre selection
  • Chromecast support

Common issues

  • “No Data” and black screen? That means no source is available 🙁
  • Subtitles not sync? There are many versions of subtitles (e.g WEB-DL, HDTV, BlueRay). Sources of Terrarium are mostly WEB-DL version. You can try WEB-DL version first. If still not sync, try other versions 🙂


  • Android 4.0.1 or upper version
  • MXPlayer (Currently the most powerful video player on Android)


v1.6.5 | Jun 25, 2017
New! Added new HD movie releases notification
New! Added “New HD Releases” movies category
New! Added “Amazon” TV shows category
New! Added “Hide episode synopsis” option
New! Added “Resolve HD links only” option
New! Added a blue line to indicate watched movies
New! Added provider : SeeHD
New! Added URLs resolver : FastPlay
Fixed 4K movies providers
Fixed existing TV shows providers
Fixed existing movies providers
Fixed existing URLs resolvers
Fixed categories being messed up
Fixed bugs related to Trakt.tv
Fixed bugs related to Chromecast subtitles
Fixed bugs related to video download
Fixed various bugs and crashes
Improved UI
Improved performance

This app has no advertisements

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Terrarium TV

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Terrarium TV

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Terrarium TV

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Terrarium TV v1.6.5 (Mod Ad Free) Premium Apk 13.6 MB

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Previous Version

Terrarium TV v1.6.4 (Mod Ad Free) Premium Apk 13.6 MB – Apk / Mirror

Terrarium TV v1.6.3 (Mod Ad Free) Premium Apk 13.6 MB – Apk / Mirror


  1. 1.2.11 Mod is junk, Keeps crashing while searching for sources and dropping streams as well

  2. v1.3.12 released, any update for it?

  3. v1.4.0 released, please update

  4. Oh‼ 1.4.1 release now

  5. thanks for the fast upload

  6. 1.4.10 released

  7. Thank you!

  8. 1.4.12
    released seems they seem to update all the time ope it slows down lol ty

  9. 1.5.1 released

  10. can I install it on my Samsung smart tv ?

  11. 1.5.2 released

  12. Please update the change log for all new versions.

  13. 1.5.5 is out

  14. 1.5.6 is out.

    Has Chromecast subtitle support

  15. 1.5.7 is outt

  16. Any idea why this won’t install on the 2nd gen Amazon firestick? I have installed it okay on a Nexus 7 and Mi box, but it comes back with “app not installed” when I try to install it with ES explorer. I have the ad free MX Pro version installed. I tried uninstalling MX pro and then installing several of your modded ad free versions of TTV, but no luck. I would consider a factory reset if that would work but don’t want to do that and then have t reinstall, Kodi and all the other apps it you don’t think that would fix the problem. Plus I want to be able to uninstall old modded ad-free versions and install your new add free modded ones. Any ideas on what I should do?

    • the last ad free version of terrarium to work on the firestick is 1.41. i don’t know what went wrong with the later versions

      • try Movie HD or ShowBox.. I don’t have a firestick so I can’t try

        • the question is: what did they do with the ad free mod version 1.41 and earlier mod versions that is different from the current mod versions? if the earlier mod versions worked (and they did as i have used them and continue to use 1.41), what change was made specifically to the newer mods that doesn’t allow for fire stick to install them? that is a question i would like you guys to pose to the developers of the mod versions if you have access to them. I would appreciate it.

    • Just a heads up on the issue of TTV not working on the second gen Firestick.On youtube someone told me that the last version of TTV that works without ads on a 2nd gen Firestick is TTV premium version 1.41. Hopefully this will help others with the same issue.
      Anybody have any idea why any version later than 1.41 doesn’t work on the new Firestick when they work okay on the Mibox and other android devices?

  17. 1.6.1 released

  18. 1.6.1 is up

  19. Coooooool?

  20. 1.6.2 release

  21. 1.6.2 released

  22. 1.6.2 released..

  23. So what about 1.6.2

  24. 1.6.3 released

  25. The latest mod ad free version that successfully installs on the fire stick 2nd gen is now v1.6.1

  26. 1.6.3 released

  27. Does this mod auto update, or do you have to f**k around and reinstall it every update?

  28. 1.6 4 has been released

  29. 1.6.4 is released

  30. Plz post terrarium TV Premium 1.6.4..adfree..

  31. 1.6.4 is relased terranrium ad free..update please

  32. 1.66 is out, 1,65 has bugs

  33. Update to 1.6.6

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